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We evolve exercise.

Exercise evolves you.





Cardio after weights.

Performing your cardiovascular work after your resistance exercises will yield a better fat to muscle burn ratio.  ...


I recently made the team and now starting my freshman year in college.


I had Jason Schlaffer as a personal trainer for about three months to get prepared for my senior year of hockey. I was then the captain of the hockey team and felt extremely in shape and prepared for that season. That next summer, I went back to Jaso...

Walter Frimberger


You'll be glad you started your journey here


Jason and the staff at Exervolve have helped us become stronger and more fit in our mid-40's than we ever felt in our mid-20's. The facility is clean, bright, and full of all types of equipment. Jason provides the motivation and intensity that you ju...

Jim & Patty Deckert


I have been able to completely eliminate my hypertension medication


I believe that I am one of Exervolve's more senior fitness clients, with Jason Schlaffer as my personal trainer. As a result of my exercise regimen, which Jason has developed specifically for me, I have been able to completely eliminate my hypertensi...

Jim Kittel


20 Half Hour Sessions

20 half hour personal training sessions for $500.
($50 discount from regular price)

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ExerVolve Fitness

This innovative new company started out as an exercise and fitness app which helps thousands of users worldwide achieve their fitness goals. Now the app that took the world by storm has opened its doors in Lafayette, New Jersey in order to hand deliver clients the results so many have achieved through our iPhone app. While we specialize in private and small group personal training we also offer group training classes that are open to the public.

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IT Band

Why are we always talking about the IT band? The IT band (iliotibial band) is an area of concern for many people because the muscles around it are typically overly tight. The IT band is located along the outside of your thigh, and it runs from the exterior of your pelvis and inserts just below…

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Sore Muscles

One of the most common questions people will ask me is: Why shouldn’t you work out sore muscles? The answer you will normally receive is that sore muscles are sore for a reason. They need to rebuild and repair before being targeted again. This is a very good reason to avoid use but there is…

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Get Active

The sun shines brightly as I step through the glass doors at my gym and briskly walk across the turf to the chalk bag hanging on a pull-up bar. Chalk falls silently from my hands as I step up to the rack and wrap my fingers around the Olympic bar. Looking up at the mirror…

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